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Spread pants clothing for children with a hip deformity. Handmade comfortable clothes and wide sleeping bags.
We know from experience that it is not easy to find clothes that you can wear over or under spreaders, casts or pavlik. We at Janskes believe that children who wear spread pants, pavlik or plaster pants should also look nice. That is why we are always looking for nice, supple and, above all, comfortable fabrics that are nice and stretchy and comfortable to wear, but also when dressing and undressing your child, not to mention changing.

We make special clothing in our own studio for children with hip dysplasia, hip dislocation or other hip abnormalities.

Our spread pants clothing is available from stock and ordered before 3 p.m. is delivered the next day, unless stated otherwise.

Clothes for Hip Dysplasia

At Janskes you will find clothing for over a pavlik bandage, pants for spreading pants or camp spreaders and plaster casts, which are pants that can be worn over a plaster cast, these can be opened completely, so that putting on and taking off your child with a plaster cast is a breeze. becomes much easier.

Jumpsuits for over a pavlik bandage of plaster pants

In our collection you will also find playsuits for over a pavlik bandage or plaster pants. Your child looks nice dressed and the plaster cast or bandage does not get dirty so quickly. The bottom can be opened from ankle to ankle, which is handy when changing. These playsuits are suitable if there is a stick between the legs with a plaster cast.

Rompers that fit when wearing a plaster pant

Most baby rompers pinch the legs when wearing a cast. At Janskes you will find rompers with a raised leg insert, so that the spread legs do not pinch when wearing these rompers.

Shirts for spreading pants or pavlik bandage

Our shirts are suitable for your child with pavlik harness or spread pants. The sweaters have a raised waist and are slightly wider so that they fit well over a pavik bandage and spread pants.


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