pregnancy durationheight babyweight babyhead circumference



24 weken31 cm650 gram24 cm30-35
25 weken32 cm750 gram24 cm30-35
26 weken33 cm800 gram24 cm30-35
27 weken34 cm850 gram25 cm30-35
28 weken35 cm950 gram25 cm35-38
29 weken37,5 cm1100 gram26 cm35-38
30 weken38 cm1250 gram28 cm38
31 weken39 cm1450 gram29 cm38
32 weken40 cm1650 gram30 cm40
33 weken41,5 cm1900 gram31 cm42
34 weken43 cm2150 gram31 cm42
35 weken44 cm2400 gram33 cm44
36 weken45 cm2650 gram33 cm44
37 weken46,5 cm2850 gram33 cm46
38 weken48 cm3100 gram34 cm48
39 weken49 cm3300 gram34 cm50
40 weken50 cm3450 gram35 cm50

This size chart is an indication and may differ slightly from reality, because every child is not the same.



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