Hip dysplasia sleeping bags online at janskes.nl

Our extra wide baby and children's sleeping bags for hip dysplasia are specially made for children who have to wear spreaders, plaster casts or pavlik. They are wider than normal sleeping bags so that the legs have plenty of room, but they are as long as the normal ready-made sleeping bags, so that the sleeping bag / sleeping bag can also be used when the spreader pants no longer need to be worn. Some children also remain in the "frog position" for a while after wearing spread pants.

Extra wide baby- and children's sleeping bags

We are the only one in the Netherlands who are producing extra wide sleeping bags for children with a hip deformity. Due to the spreading position, normal sleeping bags are often too narrow and the legs are squeezed and your child does not sleep well. Our hip dysplasia sleeping bags have a special shape so that the legs have all the space. Various hospitals recommend a sleeping bag for children who wear a plaster cast. These children are already a bit warmer in bed than usual by wearing the plaster cast. Especially when sleeping under a thick blanket.

All seasons hip dysplasia sleeping bags

In our sleeping bag spreader pants collection you will find sleeping bags for every season. We make hip dysplasia summer sleeping bags, hip dysplasia spring sleeping bags, hip dysplasia autumn sleeping bags and hip dysplasia winter sleeping bags.

Organic sleeping bags

We try to make our sleeping bags from organic materials as much as possible. For example, for the summer collection we use organic cotton fabrics, for the spring and autumn sleeping bags we use organic cotton fabrics with a thin fibrofill layer in between. For the winter sleeping bags we use organic cotton fleece.


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